GIFT Network Meeting Term 3

Thanks to all of you who made it last night.  There was a great mix of familiar and new faces.  As promised here’s some “stuff”. Please comment or email me if I have forgotten something.  I will be printing off some attendance certificates (for Term 2 participants too) and will send them to your schools.

I hope that some of this post might be useful for those of you who couldn’t make it too.

Firstly here are the links to the eTAGS documents.



The Blooms Circle document can be downloaded here


I also spoke to some of you about Maker and the “Very Hungry Caterpillar” example to put a context on some of the aspects of the Model for you.  There are some other examples too.


Thanks to all of you who brought something to share.

Here’s the electronic version of Margo’s excellent information on all things Japanese and Technology.  Thanks for your willingness to share your work.


Thanks to Lee for her excellent Spelling Activity.  Check the two version out.   It is simple but so clever.  A great little way to add an extra dimension for the bright sparks.

Spelling With a Maths Twist # 2

Spelling With A Maths Twist 3!

Here are the links recommended by Lynn and Judy.  I thoroughly recommend you check them out.  They are all excellent and offer some great interactive resources from the youngest students up into the older year levels.  Love it.


Here’s Lauren’s link to the TES website.

Hope I didn’t forget anyone.

Make the effort to learn how to use Delicious.  It is worth the investment to get organised with all these great sites for easy future access.

And finally, I showed you this one, but don’t forget to use it.  My daughters loved playing with it tonight and I imagine it would be awesome on an interactive whiteboard.  The language possibilities are endless.

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