GIFT Box Review

Thanks for those of you who managed to attend the review last week.  I am collating your comments and thoughts and shall post a summary shortly.  I will also provide this feedback to principals as well as forwarding your participation certificates.  In the meantime I have provided an explanation and links to the various Christmas activities I gave you.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

The Ho, Ho Ho sheet was the cover sheet for a range of great activities based on the Thinkers Key.


The second sheet also considered a variety of activities based on the Thinkers Key

christmas thinkers key

The Green sheet showed some how to consider Christmas from the Blooms Model.

Christmas with Blooms

I also gave you a CD and didn’t get a chance to talk you through some of it.  I’ll try here:

Advent Calender Template is a groovy way you can use PowerPoint to count down the days and get different children designing the slides for each day.


Some codes.



Sudoku within the theme.  These would be great for the Juniors.





A great activity for oral language work.


There were also some great links that I wanted to share that might give you some ideas.

This is the link for a writing lesson using bought Christmas Cards as the prompt

A nice activity which links art with maths.  Students have a ‘budget’ with which to purchase materials to make an angel.  Simple maths involved would suit juniors.

Bright students love jokes.  Here’s a good page.

Upper primary activity which nicely links Pascal’s Triangle with “The Twelve Days of Christmas”.

Hard, but worthwhile.

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  • Gemma hopetoun-Smith  On November 22, 2009 at 12:36 pm

    Just wanted to thank you for a great session. It was extremely worthwhile and very valuable. I enjoyed hearing what other people had achieved and how it worked in other schools. Also, thank you so much for the awesome Xmas ideas! Love the jokes and the activities. I hope you have a great xmas and a memorable summer holiday! See you at Fleetwood Mac!
    For all your invaluable help and time,Thank you. You do a sensational job and I hope the department keeps your funding going.
    Thanks for everything.

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