Kinross Blooming

In this post I have included some of the resources I shared during the PD session.  Don’t forget that some of the files are also available on your school network or in the resources folder I have left in the staffroom.  Thankyou again for the enthusiasm during the session.  You made me feel at ease.

Here is the link to the example that shows how Bloom’s questions can be generated easily for any viewing activity.

This is a great play using Bloom’s.  I didn’t get the chance to talk about this but it might be useful for people who are interested in introducing Bloom’s more formally with their students and could be helpful in getting students to understand the different levels.  It’s called “The Big Bad Wolf Meets the Blooms”


Here’s an example of Bloom’s is used for the topic “Investigating a Book”.  Great ideas to extend individual students who are avid readers.


This is useful to see the connections that can be made between Bloom’s and Science.


Here’s a document that has attempted to link actions and products as they might relate to the various levels.  Could be useful as a checklist to see the range of products that you are asking of your students.


The following link has a heap of units based on Bloom’s that you can easily download in word or pdf.  A range of topics and year levels ranging from the zoo, frogs, politics to the Wizard of Oz.

Please don’t hesitate to email me or post to this blog with any other ideas or resources that you have come across.

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